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The Canine Information Library was started in 2003. At that time it was hosted on a subdomain of The Bulldog Information Library At first it only described bulldog breeds, molosser breeds, guard dog breeds, bull-and-terrier breeds and unusual dog breeds or lesser known breeds. With the success and recognition of The Canine Information Library's articles as authoritative sources, more and more breeds were added and a new domain was launched to host the new Canine Information Library homeage in 2009.

Pages that were historically part of The Bulldog Information Library remained hosted under, or occasionally That's why the Canine Information Library menu contains items that refer to these original subdomains. As many of the Canine Information Library articles have been bookmarked and cited as references by many of our visitors, we thought it was more important to keep those articles at their original place rather than creating one consistent navigation menu within the same domain. However, in order not to confuse our visitors we have used the same (revamped) lay-out for all our Canine Information Library pages, whether they are hosted on, or An additional domain was created in 2006 to support our effort to diffuse unbiased, objective information about a growing number of dog breeds, in order that more dogs end up with the owner they really deserve.
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