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The Canine Information Library is your source for everything related to dogs, ranging from general information, puppy care, articles about specific topics, recommended books and, of course, extensive breed descriptions.

The specificity of The Canine Information Library is that dog breeds are not categorized using the traditional (sometimes obsolete) breed groups, but rather using usefull and popular criteria, such as size, color, temperament, needs, unique characteristics, origin, function, etc.

The site was created because of our passion for dogs, whichever their origin or breeds, and the need we felt to provide thorough and honest information about these dogs. The purpose was not to make more dogs being bred or being sold; we just wanted to make sure more dogs end up with the owners they really deserve and provide potential buyers with the tools to decide whether or not they would be a good match for the dog breed they have selected.

We want to use the opportunity to ask you not to buy any puppy from pet shops, puppy mills or backyard breeders. Responsible breeders who truly breed their dogs for the love of the breed have in common that they want their puppies to go to good, approved homes, and have no interest in placing their puppies, at any cost, with owners who could not provide the right home for their dogs.
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